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Monthly Archives: August, 2012

Marvel Feature #6 (Nov. 1972)

Purchase price: $1 I am unabashedly an Ant-Man fan and have been for a long time.  I was psyched to get the Marvel Essentials edition with Ant-Man in a used … Continue reading

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Conan the Barbarian #144 (Mar. 1983)

Purchase price: $1 Check this cover out.  Our hero, Conan, wields a humongous broad sword, standing in the shadow of an even more humongous beast; his giant, green paw/arm/appendage about … Continue reading

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Mister Miracle #2 (Feb. 1989)

Purchase price: $1 One of the trademarks of comic collecting is runs; how many continuous issues of a given title do you have?  To me it’s symbolic of dedication to … Continue reading

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Leave it to Binky #64 (Dec. 1968)

Purchase price: $1 What is the deal with this title; is it an Archie rip-off or a legitimate shot by DC (then National Periodicals) at creating a non-super-hero title?  I … Continue reading

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