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Monthly Archives: July, 2012

Captain Marvel #35 (Nov., 1974)

Purchase price: $1 My introduction to Captain Marvel was The Death of Captain Marvel graphic novel by Jim Starlin where he got cancer and died.  It was a weird story … Continue reading

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Human Fly #1 (Sept., 1977)

Purchase price: $1 I’ve been seeing issues of The Human Fly floating around various flea markets, garage sales, bargain bins and overstock stores for about as long as I’ve been … Continue reading

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Incredible Hulk #207 (Jan., 1977)

Purchase price: $1 It’s kind of amazing to me that I’ve done around 100 reviews on this site and have not reviewed a single issue of the Incredible Hulk.  I … Continue reading

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All American Men of War #91 (June, 1962)

Purchase price: $1 I used to despise war comics; never really understood the appeal.  Short stories with unconnected characters from issue to issue in war titles that seemed to go … Continue reading

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Jo-Joy (1945)

Purchase price: $0 Yes, I recently acquired a comic from 1945 that I didn’t pay anything for; it was a gift from a good friend of the family.  While this … Continue reading

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The Mighty Thor #224 (June, 1974)

Purchase price: $1 That’s quite a cover with Thor bashing the Destroyer who has Hercules pinned to the ground; something you don’t see every day.  This is actually a pretty … Continue reading

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Moon Knight #2 (Dec., 1980)

Purchase price: $1 Anyone know what the big draw is with Moon Knight?  The name?  Yeah, that’s kind of cool.  When I hear Moon Knight I get the impression there … Continue reading

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Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #160 (Oct., 1973)

Purchase price: $1 What’s more amazing, that Jimmy Olsen has his own title or that it lasted for hundreds of issues?  And I ask that question as a fan of … Continue reading

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Groo the Wanderer #37 (March, 1988)

Purchase price: $1 The official title is Sergio Aragones Groo the Wanderer, but I’m shortening it up for the purpose of this review. Growing up I was a huge fan … Continue reading

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