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Monthly Archives: December, 2011

Batman #388 (Oct. 1985)

Purchase price: $1 Is there a comic book hero in the world bigger than Batman?  You could make a case for Superman, but I think in the last 20 or … Continue reading

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Avengers #181 (March 1978)

Purchase price: $1 Yet another overly dramatic Avengers cover lures you into this exciting issue.  There are about two dozen super do-gooders surrounding one government liaison, Gyrich, who declares “Seven … Continue reading

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Swamp Thing #15 (Apr. 1975)

Purchase price: $1 I used to think Swamp Thing was a joke.  Human shaped plant walking around just sounded dumb to me. And those movies sure didn’t do anything to … Continue reading

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Bone Holiday Special (June 1993)

Purchase price: $0.25 This is a brief and not very informative review, however it seems appropriate since tomorrow is Christmas Eve. When I was still heavily involved with the small … Continue reading

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Millie the Model #197 (Aug. 1972)

Purchase price: $1 Wow.  What was I thinking buying this damn thing? I mean what the hell was Millie the Model supposed to be? a)      Marvel’s answer to Archie b)      … Continue reading

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The Human Fly #17 (Jan. 1979)

Purchase price: $1 I’ve heard of The Human Fly comics before, seen them in various bargain boxes over the years, guy dressed in red with an Evel Knievel like cape, … Continue reading

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Action Comics #559 (Sept. 1984)

Purchase price: $1 Was there a rule back in the 80s that stories in Action Comics had to be lame?  Maybe it was a marketing thing, maybe it was a … Continue reading

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Marvel Super Heroes #90 (Aug 1980)

Purchase price: $1 Remember when Marvel used to have all of these titles that did nothing but reprint older issues of their leading titles?  Marvel Tales was old Spiderman stories, … Continue reading

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The Flash #321 (May 1983)

Purchase price: $2 Is there a young comic book geek out there who doesn’t love the Flash?  99% of us weren’t exactly the athletic type in grade, middle or high … Continue reading

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