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Leave it to Binky #64 (Dec. 1968)

Purchase price: $1

What is the deal with this title; is it an Archie rip-off or a legitimate shot by DC (then National Periodicals) at creating a non-super-hero title?  I tend to think the former.  I bought it because it looked old and goofy.  I was right on both accounts.

This is the only issue of Binky I’ve ever read so I’m not sure if it’s the norm or not, but all four of the stories in the issue were uncredited.  The first story, untitled, involves Binky trying to help his father at the office which only turns into a story because a series of miscommunication leads to something remotely resembling humor.  Binky’s dad looks like a freak with a young looking face and a bald head with an odd looking tuft of hair sitting over his forehead.

The second story, also untitled has Binky dealing with some girl trouble so he turns to his dad and a TV show for advice on how to deal with her.  Yes, it’s the same dad with the bowtie shaped hair on his forehead and he still looks freaky.  How do you think that combo of advice turns out for Binky?

Next is a two page psychedelic fashion spread that had some text that I didn’t bother reading because it looked really annoying and I could care less about modern fashion, much less 44 year old fashion.

Just when you thought Binky was the dumbest name for a comic character we get a three page story featuring his younger brother with the insipid name of Allergy.  Allergy thinks the family dog, Dopey has chewed the heel off his sister’s shoe so he spends his only 50 cents to fix it and cover up the dog’s faux pas.  Of course Lucy broke her own heel, it wasn’t Dopey’s fault, but Lucy is so happy she has a normal name that she gives Allergy a dollar as thanks.  He blows the buck on ice cream.

Finally Binky’s girlfriend, Peggy, is entering a sewing contest and asks Binky to help her out by wearing a dress as she pins out some alterations.  Peggy winds up sewing the dress onto Binky’s clothes so he’s seen walking around town wearing a dress and winds up with a black eye.  If a similar story were written in modern day comics the writer would have had him meeting another dude wearing a dress and going out on a date.  Thoughts like that keep me reading old comics.

After reading this I have to wonder how Binky lasted as a title for at least five years.  The stories were ridiculous, the art a pale rip-off of Archie.  The women look nice and have normal names, but the men are oddly named, act like idiots and look freakish.  Allergy, with his buck teeth and dreadlocks looking hair is downright fugly.  I suppose if I find issues of Binky for a dollar I might grab it and buy it if there isn’t something else even the slightest bit more interesting.  Binky wasn’t a total waste, but was seriously lacking in the worthwhile department.


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