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Nova #2 (Oct 1976)

Purchase price: $1 What’s the actual title of this comic?  The Man Called Nova, or Nova? I’ve seen it listed various ways online.  Regardless, you can always count on finding … Continue reading

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Doctor Strange #19 (Oct. 1976)

Purchase price: $1 I’m the first to admit I haven’t read many Doctor Strange comics over the years.  I was never big into occult and monster type stories and I … Continue reading

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Tomb of Dracula #20 (May 1974)

Purchase price: $1 Marvel must have over-printed this issue in 1974 because every time I visit the comic store recently Tomb of Dracula #20 is always in the dollar box.  … Continue reading

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Exclusive Collectors’ Edition: Spider-Man (1980)

Purchase price: $1 Typically not many collectors are going to pick up something with “Free with the purchase of Aim®” splashed across the cover.  Also, when something says “Exclusive Collectors’ … Continue reading

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Superman and Spiderman (1995)

Purchase price: $1 This comic is actually a reprint of Marvel Treasury #28 from July 1981; but why quibble over 14 years, right?  When I first saw this I knew … Continue reading

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The New Teen Titans #12 (Sept., 1985)

Purchase price: $1 I’ve read (and reviewed) Teen Titans before and this title is still a weird title for me.  I’ve had friends who raved about it in the mid … Continue reading

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Adventure Comics #486 (Oct. 1981)

Purchase price: $1 I’ve heard about “Dial ‘H’ for Hero” before, I’d just never read any of the stories prior to this issue.  The cover screams “The Comic YOU Create!” … Continue reading

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Tales of the Teen Titans #56 (Aug. 1985)

Purchase price: $1 I have to admit I was never much a Teen Titans fan back in the main collecting days.  I had friends who thought this title was just … Continue reading

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Nova #20 (July 1978)

Purchase price: $1 Is the title of this comic Nova or The Man Called Nova?  I guess it doesn’t make a difference either way, but The Man Called Nova is … Continue reading

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