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Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #402 (Feb. 1964)

Purchase price: $1 There was a time when I thought Disney comics were a total waste of reading time.  Barks Ducks, Gottfredson Mice, who cares?  That was my attitude.  I … Continue reading

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House of Secrets #64 (Feb. 1964)

Purchase price: $1 What?  No Cain or Abel?  This is definitely an old issue of House of Secrets!  So how did I get this for only a dollar?  Well, there … Continue reading

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Marvel Tales #21 (July 1969)

Purchase price: $1 Marcel Tales was among the first titles I started collecting back in 1984 so I’ve always had a soft spot for the title even though it’s nothing … Continue reading

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Strange Adventures #208 (Jan. 1968)

Purchase price: $1 Check out the cover.  Yeah, the cover is very cool, but look at how big the Comics Code Authority stamp is!  It’s definitely larger than the DC/National … Continue reading

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Meet Angel #7 (Nov/Dec. 1969)

Purchase price: $1 Kind of hard to believe this was an actual comic book, isn’t?  My guess would be this was DC’s answer to Archie comics (wait, I thought that … Continue reading

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New York State Department of Mental Hygiene Presents Blondie (1961)

Purchase price: $1 I’m a big Blondie fan and I’m still more than a little mad at my local daily newspaper for dropping it from their lineup.  Now I only … Continue reading

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Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #54 (Jan. 1965)

Purchase price: $1 I went to my favorite local comic shop (Comic Depot) the other day with every intention of NOT buying anything.  For real.  I was birthday shopping for … Continue reading

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Leave it to Binky #64 (Dec. 1968)

Purchase price: $1 What is the deal with this title; is it an Archie rip-off or a legitimate shot by DC (then National Periodicals) at creating a non-super-hero title?  I … Continue reading

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All American Men of War #91 (June, 1962)

Purchase price: $1 I used to despise war comics; never really understood the appeal.  Short stories with unconnected characters from issue to issue in war titles that seemed to go … Continue reading

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