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Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #402 (Feb. 1964)

Walt_Disney_Comics_and_Stories_402Purchase price: $1

There was a time when I thought Disney comics were a total waste of reading time.  Barks Ducks, Gottfredson Mice, who cares?  That was my attitude.  I held on to that notion until I actually read an Uncle Scrooge comic, complete with a Carl Barks story no less and found it to be entirely wonderful.  It was like rays of sunshine coming from the sky.  I followed that up with some Mickey Mouse comics, stories where he was a detective and they were fantastic as well.  I’ve been hooked ever since, and it’s a rare day I pass up old Disney comics.   I admit there are times when I think I must look like an idiot buying Disney comics, but the stories are so enjoyable and is an Uncle Scrooge story really all that different from a Spider-Man or Batman story?

Readers who don’t know any better might think Walt himself wrote and drew all of these stories since they’re all un-credited, but we know someone else did the work on “Feud and Far Between,” which stars Donald Duck and his nephews Huey, Louie and Dewey.  Whilst returning home Donald notices a new neighbor, which is good because Donald had a long running feud with the previous neighbor named Jones.  When a nosey Donald tries to peep and see who the neighbor is he’s met with a blinding light which sets off a series of tricks on Donald’s part to lure out the mystery neighbor.  All of these hi-jinks remind the nephews a little too much of the Jones days, and with good reason.  This doesn’t exactly have a hugs and kisses for everyone happy ending.  Well, it’s still a Disney comic so it’s not like someone dies in the end.  That only happens in Disney movies.  If you’ve read other Donald Duck stories you know he usually can’t help himself from becoming his own worst enemy, which is funny to read, and this story is no exception.

Li’l Bad Wolf stars in the next story “The Day Pop Went Boom” which begins with him heading off to a Wood Scouts camp in the local park.  His “Pop,” Big Bad Wolf (of course) is also excited because the three little pigs will be there as well, out in the open and ripe for pig-napping.  In order to make a potentially horrifying story more on the funny side, Big Bad Wolf hides in a cannon and gets stuck.  The scout master can only think of one way to get him out, and that’s by firing the cannon, which puts Big Bad Wolf in a nearby pond.  He can’t swim, but the Scouts are eager to rescue him and see to his injuries, showing off their skills.  Needless to say this doesn’t end the way Big Bad Wolf intended.  A quick and fun read.

Brer Rabbit stars in a two page story where he tricks his hillbilly friends into mowing his lawn, but they’re too stupid to figure it out.

The fourth story is a chapter from Daisy Duck’s diary.  While shopping at the local grocery store she bumps carts with Magica de Spell and inadvertently exchanges diaries.  The mix-up is discovered when Daisy’s nieces open the book and wind up conjuring the appearance of a dragon.  Magica is equally annoyed because it’s hard to put a curse on someone when you’re reading a book about love and being nice.  Both are so annoyed at having the opposite book they want that both books are destroyed, much to the chagrin of Daisy and Magica alike.

Mickey Mouse stars in the last story, episode 2 of “Goofy’s Mechanical Wizard.”  Goofy has invented a new robot adding machine named Charlie, but as readers of episode 1 found out, Charlie can’t add.  In this episode we find out Charlie’s true talent is correctly predicting the outcome of sporting events, a much more valuable skill.  So valuable in fact that some local psychics kidnap Charlie from Goofy’s care for the purpose of using his prognostication talent to further their business, but Charlie has other ideas.  That’s where the story ends.

Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories offers a good mix of different characters in different stories, though I would have rather had more of the Mickey Mouse story than the Brer Rabbit or Li’l Bad Wolf stories.  These comics are just flat out fun and enjoyable to read.  Whether they’re Dell, Gold Key, Whitman or Gladstone you can’t go wrong with an issue of this title.


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