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Madrox #1 (Nov. 2004)

Madrox_1Purchase price: $1

Is a comic published in 2004 aged enough to be described as “old” like 99% of the comics I review on this site?  I think this is only the second comic I’ve reviewed that is less than ten years old.  Hey, I’m an old guy and old comics are my thing.  What can I say?  Anyway, I saw this for a buck, thought the cover looked kind of cool.  When I saw Peter David was the writer that sealed the deal for me.  I don’t even know who or what a “Madrox” is, but if I’m going to read a new comic, one written by Peter David can only increase the odds it will be good.

As mentioned, Peter David wrote “Soul of A Gumshoe” while Pablo Raimondi handled the pencil work.  It kicks off in New York City with a man hailing a cab, but gets bumped out by Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man.  Hey!  I kind of remember him from when I read The New Mutants regularly.  Anyway, he’s been injured and is bleeding, but after some persuasive words the cabbie agrees to give him a ride despite the blood.  Elsewhere in the city a young lady is walking through a seedy neighborhood and is harassed by a couple young toughs.  Little do they know she happens to a mutant named Rahne Sinclair.  Hey!  I remember her from when I read The New Mutants regularly.  I loved Wolfsbane!  Rahne is in the area to visit her old friend Jamie at his new office of “XXX Investigators” and Jamie happens to be passed out from a bender one of his dupes went on and came back home.  Rahne is rather skeptical about the whole PI business until he pulls a Sherlock Holmes on her, but winds up leaving when another dupe returns looking like a Tibetan monk.  She heads over to the local mutant bar where she meets another partner of the past, Strong Guy from X-Factor.  While imbibing a bit another one of Jamie’s dupes, the one from the cab, shows up bleeding, looking for home.  They bring him back to Jamie for merging which is where he picks up clues for his new case and the next issue.

This wasn’t exactly a long or involved issue, and seems like it ended as soon as it started, but I really enjoyed it.  It was great seeing new interpretations of characters I used to read about years ago, Madrox is very intriguing as a detective.  Peter David, of course, turns in a story that nicely sets up what promises to be a very good story arc, and Raimondi’s art work is spectacular, perfectly suiting the mood of the title.  After reading the story I have an even greater appreciation for the David Lloyd cover; stylistically superb and the multiple shadows off to the right subtly convey the title character.  I enjoyed this comic so much I’m making a note to look for  subsequent issues on my next trip to the comic store.


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