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OMAC #2 (Dec. 1974)

OMAC_2Purchase price: $1

“Are you ready for OMAC one man army?” the cover asks.  40 years ago the answer was, sadly enough, a resounding no, not many people were ready for OMAC.    Today I think it’s safe to say many die hard comic fans are ready for OMAC and wish there were more than the handful of issues that were originally published.  Though they’re a rare find now, during the 80s bargain boxes were littered with issues of OMAC nobody wanted.  Of course this copy is far from collectible condition, but you know that’s not the point of Bargain Comic Reviews; it’s all about the story.

It goes without saying OMAC was written and draw by the King, Jack Kirby, but I’ll pass along that info anyway.  Oddly there is no title to the story, just chapter breakdowns, which is kind of interesting.  Regardless, the story opens with soldiers blocking OMACs access to Electric City because it has been rented by a private citizen and closed to all others.  Because no city is closed to OMAC he lays waste to a slew of soldiers and winds up meeting some “people” heading into town for the party and catches a ride with them to his destination. At the headquarters of Professor Forest OMAC learns about the Brother Eye satellite which besides being all seeing, all knowing and all powerful, delivers whatever power OMAC needs through powerful beams.  Remember those dudes OMAC hitched a ride with?  Well, they were on evil Mister Big’s payroll, sent to find the HQ of Professor Forest by having OMAC lead them there, which he did.  So they lead an attack in an attempt to follow Mister Big’s orders and kill OMAC.  Thought it takes more than some two-bit thugs to kill OMAC, Professor Forest is an easy target.  The fight is taken to Electric City’s streets when someone finally gets off a good shot and kills OMAC.  Mister Big is a happy guy until the faceless, race neutral Global Peace Agency shows up to close the case.  Also, OMAC wasn’t dead (of course), just in a super sedated state, with the help of Brother Eye.  Surprise!

I’ve turned into a huge OMAC fan, so I loved this issue.  Kirby was truly ahead of his time with this creepy futuristic society and maybe the majority of 1970s comic books readers just didn’t have the attention span to get into the story, maybe it was just the wrong concept for the time.  I like to think Kirby was producing work that just went right over the heads of readers who were too focused on super heroes fighting super villains to give something outside of the mainstream a fair shot.  Regardless, it wasn’t only a loss for readers in the 70s, but all of ours. I know other folks have tried to revive OMAC, but it’s just not the same.


3 comments on “OMAC #2 (Dec. 1974)

  1. Considering how Manhattan has become the realm of the wealthy, with the poor and middle class completely priced out of being able to afford to live on the island, Kirby’s disturbing vision of the future doesn’t seem too far off.

    • bargaincomicreviews
      February 19, 2013

      Speaking as 25+ year resident high taxes are making the entire state of New York difficult to live in! The parallels to what is happening now is part of what makes OMAC an appealing read. OK, so there is no satellite powered super-hero per se, but we sure have satellites communicating with people on the ground, giving them access to tremendous amounts of data (knowledge is power). Even more so, read George Orwell’s 1984 and see how that matches up to modern times; it’s shocking really.

      • Very good point about how the Brother Power satellite does kinda sorta foresee technology such as GPS. I really do not think Jack Kirby receives enough credit for his status as a visionary. He really had such a wild imagination that seemed to constantly be running at 1000 MPH.

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