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New York State Department of Mental Hygiene Presents Blondie (1961)

BlondiePurchase price: $1

I’m a big Blondie fan and I’m still more than a little mad at my local daily newspaper for dropping it from their lineup.  Now I only read Luann, Close to Home and Mother Goose and Grimm.  It would be nice if they dropped Pickles or Stone Soup or some other annoying strip and brought Blondie back.  At least The Chronicle carries Kids ‘n Dogs which is a great strip, even if I am biased in my opinion.  Getting back to Blondie, when I saw this at one of my favorite “antique” shops I did think twice about it because it was from the NYS Department of Mental Hygiene, but my love of Blondie overrode my boring comic instincts.

Although this was clearly a giveaway, I’m not sure how it was distributed or who it was targeted at, though kids can be assumed since it is a comic book.    Inside are four stories about coping with various problems people might have, written by Margaret M. Farrar, Director of Mental Health Education and Information, “adapted by” Joe Musial which I’m guessing means he did the art.  The stories are what you would expect with revolving characters having a problem, not handling well, but then finding a better solution with another character’s guidance and the dogs giving a quick summary.  Dagwood has a bad day at work, Blondie isn’t appreciated for being a mom, Cookie has a fight with her best friend and all of them needing time to themselves. I read the whole thing in about five minutes.

If you’re a Blondie fan it’s an interesting read, if you’re not, it’s probably a waste of a dollar.

Best Ads:  None.  If the state had published this today it would have been loaded with ads for whatever the anti-depressant du jour happens to be.  Don’t resolve your problems, take drugs to hide the symptoms.


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