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Incredible Hulk #207 (Jan., 1977)

Purchase price: $1

It’s kind of amazing to me that I’ve done around 100 reviews on this site and have not reviewed a single issue of the Incredible Hulk.  I don’t have anything against the Hulk at all.  I grew up on watching the Bill Bixby, Lou Ferrigno TV show, loved the Todd McFarlane years on the title and even own volume one of the Masterwork series with the famous green giant. I’ve just never picked up an issue during my bargain hunts. Now I’m finally correcting that wrong with this issue and its explosive Dave Cockrum cover.

“Alone Against the Defenders!” was written by Len Wein, illustrated by Sal Buscema and Joe Staton and the title pretty much sums up the entire issue.  The Hulk is on a rampage because Jarella, the woman he loves, has been injured and from that point on this issue is essentially one big fight scene between the Hulk and the Defenders with the exception of a brief exchange between Betty Ross and her General father.  The fighting ends when Hulk learns Jarella is dead, at which point he and Valkyrie share a good cry together.  This story could have been told in about eight pages.  Including ads.

In reality I shouldn’t expect much more from a Hulk comic beyond wall to wall fight scenes; it’s what the Hulk does, Hulk smash, oh, and in this issue he also cries.  Maybe the Hulk is bi-polar.  Someone get the green behemoth some meds!  I also found the Hulk himself to be very cartoony-looking in this issue, but didn’t think quite so much of the other characters.  Not sure why that is. This was far from the best comic I’ve ever read, there really wasn’t much to it, but I did read it all so I guess it’s not the worst either.  You could say it was all downhill after the cover, which is a pretty sad statement.


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