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Jo-Joy (1945)

Purchase price: $0

Yes, I recently acquired a comic from 1945 that I didn’t pay anything for; it was a gift from a good friend of the family.  While this isn’t something I would typically read, Jo-Joy is easily the oldest comic I own and I think it’s a cool piece of comic book history.  I don’t know the full story of Jo-Joy except that it was published by W.T. Grant Company, which was a department store, so I’ll assume this was a giveaway to promote toys the store was selling.

This issue, Jo-Joy Meets Christopher the Collapsible Horse, is more like a children’s story than a traditional comic book, but I guess that’s the intended audience.  Jo-Joy is a jack-in-the-box who has become one of Santa’s helpers, and gets the mission to bring back a delivery from Candyland,  While in Candyland Jo-Joy meets Christopher the horse who can’t seem to stand up on his own because his legs give out when he does.    Jo-Joy uses his keen jack-in-the-box mind to craft some braces out of candy canes permitting Christopher to not only walk, but help Jo-Joy deliver candy back to Santa.  Time is running out so Christopher has to run faster than his candy cane braces will support.  Even though the braces snap, Christopher continues to run, miraculously standing and running on his own.  Santa was impressed and Christopher was proud of himself.  Aw, how sweet.

The story and art are sadly un-credited.  What I really liked about this was the ads that surrounded the story.  A wood child’s table and chair set for $7.98, teddy bear or doll for $2.98; rubber wetting doll for $1.98 and of course Jo-Joy himself for $1.59.  All available at Grant’s.  Also it’s interesting to note Santa has eight reindeer, without a red-nosed rascal in sight.

For being close to 70 years old the issue itself is in pretty good shape, I’m going to have to find a good protective sleeve for it.


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