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Moon Knight #2 (Dec., 1980)

Purchase price: $1

Anyone know what the big draw is with Moon Knight?  The name?  Yeah, that’s kind of cool.  When I hear Moon Knight I get the impression there is some kind of mystery to him (or her).  The costume?  Pretty slick, all silvery white with his face blacked out except for the creepy red eyes.  Beyond those two things I don’t know much about him.  He had his own title for awhile, but it was short lived.  Then Marvel brought him back in a title I used to read, and remember liking, but that only lasted about six issues before the ax swung.  That said, I get the impression Moon Knight is a somewhat popular character that appears in a poorly executed title so his own title doesn’t last wrong.

“The Slasher” is the straightforward title for this issue, written by Doug Moench and penciled by Bill Sienkiewicz.  In addition to being a title, The Slasher is someone who’s going around killing homeless people, so Moon Knight is going undercover to try and stop the madness.  It takes 30 pages and a couple of fight scenes for Moon Knight to reach the sad conclusion of the story, but it’s self contained and I don’t feel totally left out not having read issue #1 and don’t feel like I’m missing something by not having #3.  Maybe that lack of drive to read the next issue might be part of the reason this title doesn’t seem to stick around very long.

My impression is that Moon Knight is supposed to be an atypical superhero, one with a bit more mystery and a little less of the super-powered bad guys trying to take over the world, rob banks or whatever is those guys happen to be up.  This issue was OK; nothing more, nothing less.  Moench’s story was a bit closer to reality than the standard Avengers or Legion storyline, but I wasn’t totally enthralled by it.  Sienkiewicz does a decent job with the artwork, but it’s far from the style he used during his run on New Mutants that made him famous within the comic world.

If I come across Moon Knight again I won’t pass it up, but I’m not exactly going out of my way to start reading as much Moon Knight issues as I can find.  Like I said, the character is intriguing enough to give it at least one more try.


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