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The New Teen Titans #12 (Sept., 1985)

Purchase price: $1

I’ve read (and reviewed) Teen Titans before and this title is still a weird title for me.  I’ve had friends who raved about it in the mid to late 80s, and every time I read one it’s always “just OK” for me.  I don’t love it, I don’t hate it.  Maybe it’s the kind of title you can’t get into until you get a few issues under your belt.  Who knows.  Regardless, I’ve recently had a growing interest in the title and have been making a point to grab at least one during my sporadic visits to the comic book store.  I chose this one because the date June 20 was part of the cover.  Not only did I buy this issue on June 20 (swear to god), but that is also the day I met my wife, oh so many years ago.

Writer Marv Wolfman teamed with artists Stan Woch and Romeo Tanghal to bring us “Sins of the Past.”  Nightwing is having some introspective time in the shower when a little girl appears in his apartment. Yeah, that sounds like a bad set-up, doesn’t it? If that wasn’t weird enough, she blurts out that she knows who he really is, so he chases her into the hallway where she disappears, but his neighbors are there and they see him wearing a towel, yelling at nothing.  Then he locks himself out of his apartment.  He’s not having a good day.  The same little girl makes an appearance when Cyborg is busting up a crime.  Some sleuthy work leads the entire team to Nightwing’s apartment building where they find out some really bad things used to happen back in the day.  The rest of the issue is essentially a good mystery story without any of the typical comic book fights scenes, or clichéd super-villain’s plotting world domination.  Since it’s a mystery I won’t give away what happens.

I’m starting to see why this was such a popular title back in the day. Marv Wolfman was on top of his writing game here, deviating a bit from the standard comic book story mold of the time.  Woch and Tanghal do a fine job of visually telling the story, not just relying on talking heads and splash pages.  The heavier and brighter paper helps to make the color and pencil work really stand out.  Had I been able to buy this when it first came out I definitely would have made a point to pick up the next issues to see if it was as good as this one was.


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