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Power Man and Iron Fist #85 (Sept. 1982)

Purchase price: $1

Some jerk decided to take his Bic ballpoint and outline Power Man and Iron Fist on the cover of this comic.  Why would you do that?  True, I didn’t buy this for collectability, but I also don’t want to look at someone else’s chicken scratching on my comic.  Good thing I didn’t buy it just for the cover.

“The Fury Below” was written by Denny O’Neil with Keith Pollard doing the pencil work.  The lack of an exclamation point in the title alone makes this issue a winner in my book.  It starts with Luke and Danny (Power Man and Iron Fist) about to be creamed by a runaway truck, which they thankfully avoid or this would have been a short story.  Luke and Danny then help people who were injured in the crash when they discover the driver worked for the client they were on their way to visit.  Oh, the irony!  When they reach their potential client the Heroes for Hire find him surrounded by an angry mob.  Power Man and Iron Fist break it all up in their own unique way and learn that the crowd was drivers who didn’t want to drive a certain route because bad things are happening, so Luke and Danny sign up to drive the route and get the bottom of this caper.  Of course a similar fate befalls the hired heroes which leads them to the Mole Man and his weird underground dwellers.  Mole Man’s sole purpose for all of this is money, the root of all evil.  Predictably Mole Man and his minions are no match for Power Man and Iron Fist who free the captive truck drivers and chase the Mole Man away.  As Luke says “It’s called earnin’ our pay!”

What I have always liked about Power Man and Iron Fist is that the title steps outside of the standard super-hero fare.  Essentially these guys are detectives, like Jim Rockford, who happen to be super-powered.  Yes, they faced a super villain in the Mole Man, but he wasn’t out for world domination or anything like that, he was just looking to make a few bucks.  Can’t fault a guy for that.  Denny O’Neil is one of the all time great comic book writers and this issue doesn’t detract from that lofty grouping.  Good story, solid characters with an entertaining mix of action and humor.  Keith Pollard’s pencils are good here, with a few spots here and there being excellent.

Power Man and Iron Fist is one of those titles I’ll always pick up when I find issues in the bargain box.  Really, Marvel should consider using these guys for one of their big black and white reprint books.


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