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Avengers #187 (Sept. 1978)

Purchase price: $1

Ah, the Avengers.  I just never seem to tire of reading about these guys, regardless of who is in the lineup.  This time we seem to have Beast, Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Falcon, Wasp and Wonderman.  The cover has Scarlet Witch, but she sure looks more like a foe than a member of the team.  Her brother, Quicksilver, is also on the cover, but I don’t know if he’s actually on the roster at this point.

This issue is wrapping up a storyline I saw the very beginning of and didn’t read any of the middle bits, so I’m in catch up mode.  “The Call of the Mountain Thing!” was written by David Michelinie (with plot help from Mark Gruenwald and Steven Grant), John Byrne supplied the pencils.  Six Avengers are in a sputtering Quinjet somewhere over a fictitious European country.  Since Wonderman is indestructible he pilots the vehicle into a mountain (so innocent villagers aren’t killed) while the rest of the Avengers bail for terra firma.  They are soon knocked around by a wizard until Wasp creeps up and zaps him.  None of that matters because the Scarlet Witch captures them all so she can explain the long-winded reason why everyone is there; Scarlet Witch is possessed by another entity.  You’re welcome for the summary.  Quicksilver wisely deduces the real Wanda whats-her-last-name is trapped in a puppet, and somehow the Scarlet Witch switches spots with her possessor, reclaiming her body. Quicksilver pitches the now evilly possessed puppet over a cliff.  Good riddance.  I’m no fan of puppets.

Maybe it’s because I only read the beginning and end, skipping the middle, but I didn’t find this to be the best Avengers issue; probably not even in the top 170 Avengers stories to this point in time.  Or maybe it’s because I’ve never been a Scarlet Witch fan.  Regardless, the whole thing seemed to plod along until the end when it seemed like there was a rush to wrap it all up.  Although I like the Vision even less than I like Scarlet Witch, where in the name of Jack Kirby was the avenging android in this whole scenario?  Aren’t the two of them supposed to be married or at least hooked up?  If my wife was possessed by some ancient ancestor and my buddies were going to help her out while I was nowhere to be found, there would be some serious hell to pay when she got home.   Maybe that happens in #188.

No, it’s nothing special, but if you’re an Avengers fan this issue is worth getting to complete the collection; if you can find it for cheap.


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