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Shade the Changing Man #5 (Mar. 1978)

Purchase price: $1

I’ve heard of this title and character before, but really knew nothing beyond that about either.  After reading this issue I have to confess I don’t know much more about Shade than I did before.  I do know “The Captive of Changing Captors” was conceived and drawn by Steve Ditko with dialogue by Michael Fleisher.  Shade’s powers are derived from a “Miraco Vest” or “M-Vest” though I’m not sure how he acquired it.  Sude, Shade’s foe, or one of them, looks a lot like a ball with teeth, long arms and busy eyebrows. He wants the M-Vest and is working with another super-baddie named Khaos, but like most super-baddies Khaos has his own ideas.  Mellu might be Shade’s girlfriend, however she has been duped into thinking Shade is not such a good person.  There is a whole lot of other stuff going on most of it I found very confusing.

Any comic fan will tell you Steve Ditko is a legend, often mentioned in the same sentence as Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.  Kirby’s 1970’s and early 80’s work is sometimes thought of as convoluted, and I can understand that impression if someone were to pick up a middle of the run issue of OMAC, New Gods or  Mister Miracle.  These are all great titles if read from issue #1 forward.  Maybe Shade the Changing Man is one of those titles that should be viewed as a whole to be appreciated.  Without giving it that benefit of doubt I’d  have to Shade wouldn’t be worth reading once, much less worth looking to find another an issue.

Notable Ad:  Superman vs. Muhammad Ali.  Really?  What’s the point of this, and why is it 72 pages long?  I know Ali was a great fighter and all back in the day, but Superman is capable of flying through space, picking up locomotive engines and even moving planets.  How is Ali going to survive even one punch from the Man of Steel.  The title alone seems beyond ridiculous.  I guess I’d buy this if I f ever saw it for a buck.



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