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Marvel Spotlight #17 (Sept. 1974)

Purchase price: $1

Ranking right up there with the oddest concepts for a super-hero it’s the Son of Satan.  Born of an unholy alliance between Satan and a human, Daimon Hellstrom has sworn to drive his father’s lackeys from Earth. In his spare time Daimon fight his internal demons from overtaking his human side.  Wouldn’t you like to have been in the Marvel offices the day this concept was pitched?  1974 wasn’t exactly a progressive time for comic book creativity and the Comic Code Authority still held a lot of clout.  It is surprising this title passed that prestigious panel of prudes.

Steve Gerber was the writer of “In the Shadow of the Serpent” with Jim Mooney illustrating the story.  Earth, St. Louis in particular is the site of a fiery serpent omen in the sky that has everyone worrying about what it means.  Meanwhile, 200 years back in time Daimon is shackled in Atlantis.  Why?  If I had issue #16 I might know, but I don’t.  Being the Son of Satan it only takes him a couple pages to break himself and his friends (of the human variety) free to make their escape.  The remaining pages are Daimon working with some other-worldly acquaintances to figure out what the hell is going on (pun intended) which all wraps up with Daimon and his human buddies returning back to St. Louis circa 1974.  Is the writer making a comment on the 1970s era in St. Louis?  Don’t know.  Never been to the Gateway to the West.

Was Son of Satan great?  No, but it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve read recently either and I even found parts of it interesting.  His hair was funny, reminding me of Dwight from The Office, except Daimon’s points are turned up to look like horns; chip off the old block there.  I’m not sure what role his two friends play in the overall story, but I found them to be annoying and wondered why someone like the Son of Satan would tolerate the presence of such hangers-on.  For some reason I’m thinking Son of Satan turned out to be one of those fringe characters that would turn up in other main titles every now and then, and might even have been part of the Defenders, a fringe group in their own right. The marketing people sure have an uphill task with this guy.  Licensing Son of Satan action figures and lunch boxes must be a hard sell.  Can you imagine seeing that on a Wal-Mart shelf?

Notable Ad:   Big Jim’s Kung Fu and Sports Action Sweepstakes.  Fill out the crossword puzzle answers from clues within the two page ad and you could win $100 worth of Big Jim toys.  Big Jim is the toy where you put the Muscle Mover in his back to control his actions, like chopping blocks in the kung-fu studio or a myriad of other sports like football, baseball and basketball.  I never had a Big Jim and I think it looks stupid anyway with that Muscle Mover in his back.  You can tell this is a really old ad because the basketball scene is Big Jim playing hoops against two other white guys.


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