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The Invaders #29 (June 1978)

Purchase price: $1

If Nazis aren’t the ideal villain for any story I don’t know who is.  They’re just never portrayed in a sympathetic light at all, unless it’s like the movie Valkyrie when it’s one of the rare conscience filled Nazis fighting the really super bad Nazis.  The Invaders is Captain America, Sub-Mariner and the original Human Torch (the robot, not the Fantastic Four version) along with their young boy counterparts fighting Nazis during World War II in every issue.  As one might well guess, there is no ambivalence or gray area here; Nazis are bad, The Invaders are good and the good guys always win in the end.  ‘nuff said.

The cover of this issue has The Invaders, a guy with a Union Jack costume (I will assume that’s his name too) and a costumed blonde chick I don’t recognize poised for action in front of a swastika with the dreaded Teutonic Knight lurking above them.  With his skull shaped mask and bright red eyes he sure looks sinister.  He is a Nazi after all.  Cleverly titled, “Attack of the Teutonic Knight” was guest written by Don Glut and penciled by Alan Kupperberg.  We start with Namor piloting one of his imperial ships with Cap, Union Jack and Spitfire (so that’s the blonde chick’s name, learn something every day) heading back to the UK.  Bucky and Toro have left the team to form the Kid Commandos.  The rest of the issue is Cap, Namor and the Human Torch each recounting their previous run ins with the Teutonic Knight and how they were thisclose to capturing him, but of course he got away.  In each case the dastardly Knight was looking to obtain something different, using some sort of insidious ploy to make each hero choose between capturing him or saving lives.  Since they’re heroes the Knight got away each time.  This little session of story time has jogged Union Jack’s mind and he suddenly remembers a notice he received that the Teutonic Knight was attacking England with a flying vehicle.  Ah!  So that sneaky Knight took the three pieces he stole and put them together to form a super deadly weapon.  Isn’t that just like a Nazi?  Stealing someone else’s stuff and using it against them.  I sure hope he gets his comeuppance in issue #30.  Something tells me the Comic Code Authority will make sure he does.

The Invaders is a pretty enjoyable comic for what it is, very much a what-you-see-is-what-you-get title.  You’re not going to seeing anything pushing the boundaries of graphic storytelling or leave you thinking very much.  It’s just a straight forward action/adventure story in the mighty Marvel manner and for us true believers there ain’t nothing wrong with that.  Excelsior!

Notable Ad:   Secret Agent Spy Scope.  Allows the user to enjoy thrilling views up to 7 miles away for only $3!  The sample picture has some perv (probably a Doctor Who fan) spying on a young couple sitting on the shore of a lake, and they look like they’re about to do something naughty.  Don’t you think holding a pen up to your eye is a little too conspicuous about what you’re doing?  I know if someone was doing that in my direction I’d chase that bastard down and make him eat the pen. The ad nearly pleads with the reader not to be fooled by imitations and only buy the Spy Scope in this ad, because the ones sold in toy stores and other retail shops are inferior.  So if you’re planning to spy on people within 7 miles, be sure to get your scope from this ad.  There’s a 30 day money back guarantee.


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