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OMAC #5 (June 1975)

Purchase price: $1

During one of my recent dollar box hunts I came across this issue of OMAC #5.  At first I was all excited because I’d never read OMAC before and having become a fan of all things Kirby I figured this was a big break.  However it was in a bag (most of the other dollar books are loose) with a sticker labeled $19, but it wasn’t the usual price sticker for this store.  When the owner walked by I said “Hey, I don’t think this one belongs in your dollar box, but I’ll buy it if it is.”  He looked it over and said it was mine.  Woo-hoo!   Good day for me!

OMAC is One Man Army Corps, who as the name implies is one powerful dude that lives in a future like those dreamed up by Orwell or Huxley. Part of his power comes from Brother Eye, a complex machine floating in Earth orbit that communicates with OMAC. In this issue OMAC works with the Global Peace Agency to break up a scheme by the Criminal Cabal where rich people transfer the brains from their broken down bodies into young, strong bodies.  Of course the people currently inhabiting the new bodies aren’t so eager to part with their bodies and therein lies the crime.  This issue has all of the elements of Kirby’s 70s work; story far ahead of its time for the comic world with plenty of underlying messages.  I know there are some out there who think OMAC, despite its short life, or maybe because of it, is among the best comic work ever done.  While I enjoyed the issue and definitely see the potential for greatness, I’m not sure I would agree with that statement.  Kirby’s 70s work is at its best when the story is allowed to stretch over several issues and his vision isn’t confined to one 21 or so page issue, and this issue is a good example of that since it ends and leaves you wanting to read more.  Sadly comic audiences of the 70s didn’t finish these issues with the same feeling. OMAC, like New Gods and Mister Miracle are similar to fine wines in that they have improved with age.  Yeah, I know nothing art or story wise actually changed in 40 years, but our perspective on those Kirby stories have given us a greater appreciation of his vision and originality.   I can only hope I’ll find more of OMAC for a buck.

Best Ad:  Super-Hero Stick-Ons!  For $2.50 you can receive 14 stickers of your favorite DC characters like Superman, Batman, Green Arrow, Hawkman and others.  You get big 12” tall sticks and smaller ones to stick on your bike or books (but not your comic books because that would be dumb).  The ad says they’re easy to peel off and stick onto any flat surface and don’t require adhesive; what it doesn’t tell you is how to get them off those flat surfaces, like walls, after you’ve hung them up and your parents flip out over ruined paint jobs and ripped up wallpaper.  The little boy in the ad has hung about a dozen heroes on his wall and will soon be getting an ass whipping by his mom.  I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who would love to come across a set of stickers like this now.


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