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Daredevil #136 (Aug 1976)

Purchase price: $1

There aren’t many comic fans out there who don’t love Daredevil when Frank Miller is penning the stories, and rightly so.  Personally I think ol’ horn head is among the best characters Marvel has regardless of who is writing the story.  He’s not a goody two shoes like Captain America, he doesn’t have obscene super-human powers like 99% of the X-Men, he’s not relying on amazing gadgets like Iron Man and he’s certainly not a god like Thor.  For me the super-hero genre is at its best when it tells the story of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.  Yeah, I know his heightened senses and agility are super human, but it’s as close as most super hero comics get to the realm of believability.

Marv Wolfman was the writer for “A Hanging for a Hero” which was drawn by guest artist John Buscema.  It opens with Daredevil being portrayed as a criminal and the media coming down on him ruining his public image.  Turns out this is all some clever scheme by the Jester using a computer program that stores images from movies and allows the user to feed it a new script that will conform the image to the appropriate words and gestures.  Pretty advanced stuff for 1976!  Of course the Jester uses this to frame DD as a bad guy in the court of public opinion.  This all culminates with the Jester and his minions overcoming Daredevil and setting him up for a hanging in Times Square.  There are some other side stories of the Jester working with nefarious underworld characters, Matt Murdock’s love life and Daredevil’s attempt to clear his name.  Jester also uses his computer program to broadcast an image of then president Gerald Ford urging New Yorkers to fight back against super heroes.  Maybe Jester used footage from Ford’s fight against the Swine Flu as the basis for this.  Overall I’d say this was a good issue of Daredevil, but probably even better if you have several in a row to read rather than as a one off.

Best Ad:  “Spider-Man Ring” A fully adjustable, silver plated metal ring with Spiderman’s image.  As if that wasn’t awesome enough, when you put the ring on your finger Spiderman’s image changes to one of five different colors.  Mind boggling, right?  Oh, but it gets better!  When the finger is removed from your finger Spiderman’s image disappears.  How does it work?  Only the bearer of the ring knows the secret.  If you send $3.99 to Super-Hero Rings of Southfield, MI you too could know the secret.  Small price to pay if you ask me.  The only real drawback is they only offer four different rings, Spiderman, Captain America, Hulk and Thor, not five so your poor thumb would be missing one of these super cool rings.  Hey, does the Hulk totally disappear when the ring changes to green?  As cool as the rings sound I have to say the illustration in the ad is a little creepy.  A nerdy looking, ring wearing kid is showing his ring to Spiderman who stands next to the kid with his arm around him like it’s some pervert and not Peter Parker under the web slinger mask.


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