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Commissioner Gordon #1 (Dec. 2010)

Purchase price: .75 cents

If you’ve given this site even a cursory glance you know I’m an old comic kind of guy; I think 1995 is the most recent comic I’ve written about to date. This isn’t to say I think current day comics aren’t good, I just haven’t read any, which I think is mostly due to price.  Again, give the site a quick look and you’ll also see I’m cheap when it comes to comics. The other day my wife comes home from shopping and I jokingly say “Did you stop at the comic store?”  “No, but another store had a pack of comics I boughtfor you.  Commissioner Gordon.  Or something.  Do you have that?”  Uh, no.  I didn’t realize he even had his own title.  2010?  Wow.  This is like premature for me to read.

The cover has an ageless Jim Gordon looking like a cross between Dennis Leary and William H Macy.  It’s a good look and the cover is very eye catching with various lighting and color effects. The inside story by Adam Beechen and Szymon Kudranski is very dark; lots of shadows and heavy grays, like an old film noir.  Bruce Wayne and Vicki Vale take turns narrating the story that has a couple of start-and-stops, back-and-forths around the linear form, used in good effect.  The gist of it is Vicki has some dirt on the identities of costume heroes, so underworld heavies are out to get her and her info.  Commissioner Gordon is trying to protect her in a downtown Gotham hotel.  He gets a little help from someone in a costume that we can assume is Bruce Wayne, but not Batman.  Yes, this shows how out of touch I am with current storylines, but oh well.

I have to admit I really enjoyed this issue.  The story was good, albeit slightly predictable, but there’s nothing wrong with that.  The art was excellent and really shows what a long way comic book art has come in the last 10-15 years, when this style and level of artistry would only have been seen in a very expensive hardbound graphic novel; I’m not sure some of those lighting effects would have even printed properly given the available equipment.  I would be interested in buying the next issue of this storyline if I found it cheap enough; like a buck.  I still think $3 is way too high for an average comic book issue.  Yeah, I know the glossy paper is expensive to print on, creative talent deserves to be paid appropriately and all that, but at some point is there a concern about pricing out a new generation of comic readers?   Another conversation for another time.

Notable Ad:  The only one worth noting, and even this is a stretch, comes from the back cover where someone is hawking “The Music of DC Comics; 75th Anniversary Collection.”  Okay, I love music; I have hundreds of CDs and hundreds of vinyl LPs, all different genres.  Obviously I love comic books or I wouldn’t be posting about them three days a week.  I just don’t get the crossover.  Yeah, I see they’re promoting TV and movie themes from various incarnations of Batman, Superman and so on (anyone have or want the theme from Swamp Thing on their iPod?  Didn’t think so), but it still seems like something totally unnecessary.  It does have never before released recordings, which makes you wonder how bad those are.  So I know what you’re thinking; you’re thinking if this guy finds one of these for really cheap he’s going to buy it, and you’re probably right.  If I saw this for a buck I would probably buy it.  After all, I am a comic book junkie.


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