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Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #133 (Sept. 1973)

Purchase price: $1

A well loved copy of Lois Lane to say the least.  Poor cover is all ripped and tattered, hanging onto the book by one overworked staple.  I don’t think I own an issue of Lois Lane in any other condition.  Is this because people didn’t take of their Lois Lane comics, or is it because I only buy the cheap comics?  Probably the latter. I’m just looking to read the stories; I’ll leave the conditions and collectability up to someone else.

The cover entices us with Superman flat on his back amidst a city in shambles with Lois Lane chained to a streetlamp.  Her clothes are shredded within limits of the Comics Code Authority, but she’s still wearing shoes and her hair doesn’t look too messed up; that must have been some blast.  The story has our heroine impersonating some famous guy’s girlfriend in order to get an interview.  This backfires when someone is looking to kill that famous person by driving her off a cliff.  Thankfully Superman is nearby to help.  The famous person is so grateful for Lois’ help that he kisses her making Superman jealous, but he’s cool and keeps it under control.  I mean, c’mon, let’s face it, does Superman really have to worry about another dude moving in on his chick if he wants her?  Lois winds up being named temporary editor-in-chief, and the job allows her to live in the Daily Planet penthouse.  Seems posh, but turns out not so spiffy when a shirtless man wearing a cowboy hat, leather vest and leather pants scales the building to break into the penthouse and take Lois hostage.  No, he’s not a rogue member of the Village People, he’s a mad bomber looking for attention and apparently the shirtless cowboy look isn’t cutting it.  The bomb he holds was supposedly developed by someone else who is about to win the Nobel chemistry award for creating said bomb?  After pages and pages of intrigue trying to chase down the true story, and keep up with Lois and the bomber’s travels (Lois leaves the Man of Steel little hints) Superman figures it out in time to save the day and solve the mystery, even stops the bullet of someone trying to shoot himself in the head; faster than a speeding bullet, remember? “The Lady Is a Bomb” was written by Arnold Drake with John Rosenberger and Vince Colletta handling the art duties.

Although the cover totally misrepresents the actual story, it was a good read nonetheless. Far from the cheesy Lois Lane stories of old, but more of a mystery with average people instead of super powered villains trying to conquer the Earth.  I have yet to read a Lois Lane story that was a total waste of time.  They’re not making anyone’s all-time-best-comic-story list, but they’re always entertaining and I’ll never pass up the chance to pick one up if it’s cheap.

Notable Ad:   If memory serves we’ve previously discussed an item from Honor House Prod Corp of Lynbrook, NY.  Superman costume wasn’t it?  Well, they’ve topped that little wonder with the Raquel Welch Pillow for the unheard of price: $1.95.  There is nothing I can write that will enhance the exact description some poor schlub wrote nearly 40 years ago “What man wouldn’t want to spend the night with Raquel Welch?  Well, we can’t deliver her, but we can deliver the next best thing – a 12” X 24” inflatable pillow of Raquel made of rugged vinyl to serve as your headrest.  Keep her for yourself or show her to your friends.  Livens up party when everyone sees and feels this great gag item.”  Yeah, I know the last two words say it all, but seriously, is this not wrong on many, many levels?  Essentially this is an inflatable Raquel Welch doll, albeit only one foot by two feet, right?  Did Raquel Welch actually agree to have her likeness emblazoned upon inflatable vinyl and sold for two bucks out of the back of comic books?  I doubt it.  I wonder if any of these are still in existence, because I would love to see one.  They have to be a riot!


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