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Marvel Super Action #20 (June 1980)

Purchase price: $1

Reprint issues are like a double edged sword; its great being able to read older stories that are otherwise way too expensive to purchase and read in their original issue, but there is often the sense of déjà vu when reading them.  I’ve re-read many comics over the years so I don’t have a problem with that, but when I’m opening a comic I just bought there is a level of annoyance when I think I’ve already read it.

The cover to this one was compelling for me since I’ve always been a fan Hank Pym’s various alter egos, so I think “Yellowjacket? Did I read this one?  Better get it just in case.”  A couple pages into it I remember how it’s going to end.  Oh, well.  For the uninitiated, “The Name  Is…Yellowjacket!” a reprint of Avengers # 59, was written by Roy Thomas with art by John Buscema, it starts off with our “new” hero busting up a fur coat robbery and making fans across the city, including the likes of J. Jonah Jameson.  The Avengers, however are not big fans when Yellowjacket breaks into The Mansion as a way of announcing his interest to join the team.  Hawkeye, Vision and Black Panther were already worried about the tardy Giant Man.  Yellowjacket makes an already tense situation worse when he announces he did in Giant Man, causing the Wasp to faint, and relates the story/fight scene about how it all went down.  This leads to another fight scene that involves Black Panther being chased away by bees.  Yes, bees.  This guy gets into epic fights with super human foes, but bees make him flee.  Maybe he forgot his epi-pen.  Oh, all right, he ran away to keep the bees away from his fellow Avengers, but really, what are bees doing to the Vision, an android, and Hawkeye should be tougher than that.   Yellowjacket escapes The Mansion, taking Wasp with him to his special secret hideaway where he puts the moves on Wasp.  The Avengers finally catch up to Yellowjacket who is walking out of City Hall with Wasp when another fight scenes ensues, but it’s broken up by Wasp who declares she is going to marry Yellowjacket!  *gasp* what a shocker! Or for those of us vaguely familiar with Avengers yore, *yawn*.   All right, it wasn’t that bad, but with 200 plus issues of hindsight helping, this was hardly a I-have-to-see-what-happens-next surprise.

Of course I’ll keep buying any old Avengers story I come across.  Sometimes you get a dupe, sometimes you get something new.  Roll the dice.  It’s the Avengers though, you can’t go wrong.

Best Ad:  The inside front and inside back cover each have an ad with O.J. Simpson hawking footwear.  The first is “Spotbilt” cleats, which I’ve written about before.  The second is the keeper; Dingo Boots!  After the big game two young boys are in the locker room when O.J. notices their Dingo boots.  Turns out he wears them too!  Something special to put on his feet after a great game, as he says.  The “Dingo Kids” ask for an autograph which The Juice obliges, scrawling “O.J. Dingo” into their autograph book. How awesome is that?  There is also a coupon offer for a free autographed picture of O.J. Dingo.  I’m old enough to remember how popular O.J. was before he was acquitted of murdering two people and then went to jail for something else later on, so whenever I see these ads I can’t help but shake my head.  He went from nationally beloved person to national joke in a matter of days.  He was selling everything at one point, now he’s just in jail, where he belongs.

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