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Bone Holiday Special (June 1993)

Purchase price: $0.25

This is a brief and not very informative review, however it seems appropriate since tomorrow is Christmas Eve.

When I was still heavily involved with the small press comics world one of my fellow comic producers, Bob Elinskas, raved about Bone, saying it was just one of the best comics around.  He couldn’t really describe the characters or anything, he just said it was awesome.  I was more than a little skeptical.  Bone?  Really?  Seemed like a stupid name.  One day I was at the comic store, saw an issue so I gave it a try and was totally hooked.  Between Gran’ma and the surrounding characters along with the Bone characters themselves I found the stories totally endearing.  Jeff Smith’s great art work sure didn’t hurt the cause.  I bought as many back issues as I could find to catch up, including the collection books and made it a regular title until I pretty much stopped collecting comics.  Not long ago I was in one the local “antique” stores and she had a whole stack of these Bone Holiday Specials for a quarter.  I’ll buy just about any comic for a quarter.  Make it a title I already like and that’s a good day!

Readers who like Bone to begin with will be disappointed in the brevity of this issue; it’s only a six page story.  The Bones, Thorn and Gran’ma are getting ready for the holiday season.  Fone Bone brings out a quiche to the creatures that are always hunting him (I don’t remember what they’re called).  That’s it.  What more do you want in six pages?  There is also an interesting interview with Jeff Smith, some early Bone and Thorn strips, upcoming cover previews and a holiday pin-up for ’93.  All in all I’d say I got my quarter’s worth out of this issue.

I’m guessing this was probably a giveaway comic in an issue of Hero magazine since Hero is mentioned throughout the issue and there is no cover price.  That must have been a nice surprise for Hero readers.  If they liked Bone that is, and what the hell is wrong with you if don’t?

Best Ad:  No ads in this one.  Well, I guess the inside back cover has an in house ad for back issues and the trade paperback reprint book.  Apart from the artwork of Gran’ma lining up for a cow race there isn’t much to comment on there.  Interesting though that Cartoon Books kept all of their issues in print.  That must just destroy the secondary back issue market, but great they kept all the issues available to new readers who want to get caught up.


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