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1st Issue Special #4 (July 1975)

Purchase price: $1

This is a prime of example of the comics I want to target with this site; oddball titles that fall outside of the mainstream.  Let’s face it, if you’re flipping through a giant stack of comics at a garage sale you’re looking to fill holes in your collection at the least and praying to find a highly collectible issue that the little old lady didn’t know she had.  You’re probably going fly by Lady Cop and not even give it a second thought.  This is the stuff I dream about!  When I pulled this one out the stack at my favorite consignment shop my wife said “you’re really going get that?”  “Hell yeah!” was my response.  The cheesy cover just begs to read.  C’mon!  Look at it!  You KNOW you want to read it.

“Poisoned Love” was written by Robert Kanigher with art by John Rosenberger and Vince Colletta and starts off with “origin” of Lady Cop.  Liza Warner hid under a bed while her roommates were murdered by a madman wearing some distinctive boots, who threw down ace of spades playing cards on his victims.  During the investigation a female cop is impressed by her powers of recall and suggest she would make a good cop, so Liza signs up for the NYPD academy.  Her first heroic act takes place at academy graduation where she saves everyone from a grenade attack.  Of course Lady Cop has a tough beat to walk, but she holds her own with hooligans, helps young kids and even saves a life with CPR.  At the end of her shift she’s all woman hanging out with her boyfriend.  The issue ends with her helping a young VD stricken girl break the news to her dock worker father.  I’m not making that up!  Honestly I didn’t think the Comics Code Authority would let the letters VD appear together in a comic.  Kanigher doesn’t specify if it was herpes, syphilis or some other insidious disease, but she’s seeing a doctor and, as Lady Cop says “The fire inside her will be put out!”  Maybe she just had Taco Bell for lunch.  It’s not the typical super hero fare you expect from DC, but it was a decent read, maybe because it was a bit different.  DC probably never published another Lady Cop story, but in my heart I’ll believe she eventually found the card dealing murderer and cleaned his clock.  Then called him ambulance.

Best Ad:  Don’t have to look far this time.  Right on the inside front cover is Superman hawking Hostess Fruit Pies in a little tale called “The Spy.”  Some nosey reporter, complete with a “Press” card in his fedora, is poking around Clark Kent’s closet where he finds spare Superman costumes and immediately jumps to the conclusion that Kent must be Superman.  Get out!  Almost 40 years of comic book legend and lore are about to come crashing down in a fruit pie ad!  Thankfully Superman is just outside Clark’s apartment snooping on his own place with telescopic vision (we can assume it’s super telescopic vision).  Later when the intrepid reporter reveals his find to an audience he opens a closet full of Hostess Fruit Pies.  That Superman is so clever, creating an epicurean diversion for his friends.  Everyone calls for their favorite flavor and the reporter is fired.  Now, a couple thoughts here: why is Superman spying on his own place (and good thing he wasn’t at the Fortress of Solitude);  why didn’t he just bust the guy for breaking and entering in Clark’s apartment; you can tell this is a 1970s ad by the lack of diversity; all white people.  Today the ad designers would have been required to have a black man, an Asian woman, a Hispanic teenager and a handicapped child all being told not to eat the unhealthy fruit pie by an Islamic imam.  I guess Superman is technically an undocumented alien, so maybe that would be permissible.


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