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The Eternals Vol. 1 #6 (Dec 1976)

Purchase price: $2.75

During my formative years of comic reading and collecting I wasn’t the biggest Kirby fan; matter of fact I was the polar opposite.  Sure, I would read and enjoy the early Marvel stuff if I got a hold of some reprints, but anything in the 70s or later was something to be avoided at all costs.  Or so I thought.  Me and my little group of comic geeks spent hours cracking jokes about the overly exaggerated dramatic poses, the heavy black lines and clunky dialogue of those 70s titles.  Over time I’ve become a huge fan of the Fourth World, especially the early Mister Miracle issues, and will now buy just about any Kirby titles I can find; if it’s a bargain price of course!

So now I’m a proud owner of The Eternals #6, “Gods and Men at City College,” written and drawn by Jack Kirby and I’m holding on to it until I can get the other issues of this title.  For me the pleasure in reading Kirby’s work during this time is seeing it all in the big picture; the stories don’t seem designed for one off reading.  Anyway, this issue has Thena and Makarri defending humans against a Deviant attack.  They meet up with Sersi and find Ikaris who was locked in a shell underwater with his brain nullified.  The story wraps up with the Eternals and one of the Deviants giving a little lecture and demo (the adult version of show & tell) at City College for some anthropology students.  See what I mean about not being a one off?  What precipitates the Deviant/Eternal battle in NYC?  Why is Ikaris underwater with a nullified brain?  To top it off, there is the Kirby cliffhanger ending, making me want to read #7 if I ever find it.  70s Kirby stories are like Lay’s potato chips, you can’t read just one.

Best Ads:  Found two I like this time around.  Full page “Dress Up Marvel Style” selling everything from pajamas and towels to belt buckles and sweatshirts.  Choose from Captain America, Spiderman or Hercules pajamas; 100% polyester and flame retardant, only $7.49.  How cool would it be to own a pair of Hercules pajamas?  I have a Mister Miracle t-shirt and a few others with Marvel characters, but I can’t recall ever seening anything with Hercules on it. The sweatshirts are Spidey, Bruce Banner changing into the Hulk and Captain America in front of the Declaration of Independence (it WAS 1976 y’know).  Saving the best for last, on page 18 is an ad for a new shoe made by “Spot-bilt”  JUICEMOBILES!  Endorsed by the one and only OJ Simpson!  They’re just like the shoes he wears only priced for everyday people.  Makes you wonder if “The Juice” had been wearing Juicemobiles when he was fleeing the scene of his various crimes instead of those Bruno shoes he might have gotten away with it.  Oh wait, he did get away with two murders (in my opinion).  There’s a companion poster offer of “The Juice” if you send them a buck. It’s strange to remember how popular OJ was back in the day; running through airports for rental cars, appearing in the “Naked Gun” movies and the list goes on.  Now he’s like a national joke.  A sad and unfunny joke, but a joke nonetheless.


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