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The Mighty Thor #256 (Feb 1976)

Purchase price: $1

When I first started collecting comics I didn’t have much interest in Thor.  Then I started reading those classic Walter Simonson issues and thought Thor was the coolest thing going.  So much so I even bought a book of Norse Myths and loved it.  Then he left and someone else took over (Tom DeFalco?) and I quickly lost interest again as Thor became a snore-fest.  I’ve started reading the old Journey Into Mystery issues recently via the Marvel Essentials reprints. They’re great examples of why Thor is such a popular character.

As for this particular issue of The Mighty Thor, I bought it because I WANT to like everything that has to do with Thor.  Some of my favorite Avengers issues have Thor on the roster. He’s a cool character surrounded by other cool characters (the Warriors 3 or Balder the Brave anyone?).  How can this be bad?  “Lurker in the Dark” is a prime example of how Thor can be bad, or at least mind numbingly boring.  Who decided all Norse Gods had to speak like constipated second rate Shakespearian actors?  I found the dialogue so annoying that I only skimmed this issue and couldn’t tell you this least thing that happened.  There was only so much “Prithee, my friend – STAY thy might weapon.” and “By the bristling beard of mighty Odin!” I could take.  “Prithee” doesn’t even make it through my spell checker for cryin’ out loud! Maybe I need to add Early Douchebag-ese to my lexicon. Len Wein wrote this and John Buscema drew it with Tony DeZuniga.  Normally I like just about anything by Len and John, but this wasn’t one of them.  Will I buy more issues of The Mighty Thor if I find them for cheap?  Probably.  I have short-term memory loss when it comes to old and cheap comic books.  Will I ever read #256 ever again?  Probably not unless I need a cure for insomnia.

Best Ads: Two this time.  An interior display ad from John Buscema (THE John Buscema) offering comic book art and writing classes in New York City with guest lecturer Stan Lee.  Seriously?  If I had a time machine I would definitely sign up for this (I was only five when this issue was published).  How cool would that be?  I also wish I had applied for/gone to the Joe Kubert School when I was in my late teens or early 20s, but what can you do?  The other choice ad is on the back cover hawking some Evel Knievel toys from Ideal.  Who didn’t love Evel in the mid 70s?  I had the advertised Stunt Cycle and Evel figure (still have the figure), which was made of some super rigid wire surrounded by an odd rubbery plastic that didn’t allow the Evel doll to sit on the cycle very well.  If the wire kinked while trying to sit Evel on his cycle it was kinked for good; my figure developed a gimpy looking foot. I always wanted the Canyon Sky Cycle, but never got it.  Something tells me I would have been disappointed with it anyway.

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