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There are a lot of comic book fans out there and a lot of us like reading about comics just as much as we like reading comics themselves (at least I do).  You know the internet is full of sites that review comic books, so what makes this blog special?  While others focus on latest releases, or highly collectible and valuable issues this blog only cares about two things; a comic book that is entertaining and/or reasonably priced.  “Entertaining” doesn’t mean the greatest comic story ever written and drawn, or that it’s even a marginal story; it could be corny or funny or offer fun insight to our culture when the issue was first published, anything so you don’t close the back cover and think “well, that’s ten minutes of my life I’ll never get back.”  Reasonably priced, well, I think that speaks for itself; I’m hitting bargain boxes, garage sales, flea markets, antique stores and any place else that will sell a comic book for cheap.  I’m not on the lookout for Amazing Spiderman #27 sealed in a plastic case, graded by the governing body of comic book graders (whoever they are); show me an issue, any issue,  of Superman Family with an unattached, chewed up cover for $1.50 and I’ll buy it, read it and (probably) love it.  And I’ll then tell you all about it right here.  Each post will highlight a specific issue, giving it the once over with often feeble attempts at humor, usually some sort of connection to my years of comic collecting and general pop culture knowledge, wrapped up with a spotlight on the issue’s best or most intriguing ad (remember when comic books had all sorts of ads?)  If the review leaves you wanting to read the issue yourself, well, good luck finding it; however, I would encourage any comic book fan to root through those bargain boxes of long neglected issues and give them a little love.  They’re tired of collecting dust.

New reviews of old comics will be posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Stop by and check them out.


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